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Product Description

Premium quality vehicle car paint sealant.

What’s it used for?

Protect It is the finest paint sealant available for all types of paint. Once cured, 24 – 48 hours after application, it forms a unique cross-linked matrix of amino-functional polymers, resin and more.  Protect It doesn’t stop with protection, it also provides an amazing level of shine.  You’ll also notice a deeper, richer color once applied.

Protect It resin based car paint sealant should be used once or twice a year as part of your regular car care plan.  Smooth Shine is a great compliment to apply every month or so to maximize protection and shine.

Protect It is easily applied by hand or orbital polisher, leaving an unbeatable shine and protective barrier that lasts for months, even after multiple detergent washes and harsh weather.  This is the most durable paint protection that we make.

Hand Application: Use a microfiber wrapped sponge to apply Protect It, and a microfiber cloth to buff it clean.

How often do I use it?

Protect shouldn’t need be used more than once every six months depending on your climate.  The best rule of thumb is to watch water on your car.  If it beads up and rolls off then your in good shape.  The other test we like here at Car Care Science it to use a microfiber cloth and run it along your dry vehicle.  If there is resistance then it’s time for a fresh coat of Protect It.

Some people love the wax on wipe off products like Protect it, but others would rather avoid the white residue in the cracks and on the trim.  If you want to avoid that white residue try Smooth Shine.

Number of Uses:

16oz (pint) Bottle = Approximately 6 standard car applications

32oz (quart) Bottle = Approximately 12 standard car applications


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16oz Bottle, 32oz Bottle, 128oz Bottle


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