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Microfiber Wheel Cleaner Cloth 2 Pack


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Microfiber Wheel Cleaner Cloth is great to get into tough spots.

Wrap your hand for quick and easy wheel washing and polishing!

This is the latest tool in the our arsenal to clean road grime and brake dust from your wheels.

The microfiber wheel cleaner’s simple design starts with a 16” x 24” premium microfiber cloth that’s folded and sewn into two large 5.5 inch pockets. The two pockets provide plenty of room to get your hand in to meticulously clean your rims.

The Pocket Wheel Cloth is black to easily camouflage dark marks and stains caused by brake dust, road residue and oil.

The super-absorbent microfiber Pocket Wheel Cloth easily cleans and shines wheels of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Stop double folding standard towels, with microfiber you never have to worry about harming or damaging the surface.
Premium Black 80/20 Polyester/Polyamide (nylon) microfiber with red trim

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