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Our basic car cleaning kit has just the right number of product to keep your car looking new.

Big Bubbles is our premium wash and wax car wash soap that is designed to clean and protect in one simple step.

Speed Wax is our wax enhanced spray to apply to the outside of your vehicle after every wash.  Simply spray Speed Wax onto your vehicle after you’ve cleaned and rinsed it.  Now dry the vehicle normally and the Speed Wax is applied as you dry.  You can use Speed Wax on your dry vehicle to soak on dried bird droppings, or other road grime to do a waterless car wash.

Clean Up is an interior cleaner and conditioner in one.  It will clean and remove tough dirt and leave a deep color behind.  It also contains a UV protection for your interior as well.

Tire and Trim Care is our gel based tire and trim dressing and conditioner.  It contains what your car needs to keep the tires and trim looking a healthy dark black.

Smooth Shine is our simple one step paint sealant.  It’s a one step process with no white residue left over in cracks, emblems or on trim.  It contains UV protection and an application will last on your vehicle for 3 months.

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