Big Bubbles Premium Car Wash Soap with Wax


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Product Description

Car wash soap with wax that clean to an amazing shine.

Big Bubbles is a car wash soap with wax that is appropriately named for the large volume of bubbles that it makes.  These long lasting bubbles are safe on all paint, metal and glass surfaces.  It’s mild on paint and tough on dirt.  A scientifically formulated sealant was added to Big Bubbles to help protect your car from the elements.  Used in conjunction with Protect It or Smooth Shine, Big Bubbles will extend the life of your paint protection product.

car wash soap with wax

The correct car wash soap is one of the most important pieces to your car detailing efforts.  A soap that’s too harsh can remove the protectingproducts you’ve previously applied, and a soap too mild will make you do all the work.  Also remember that normal wash cloths and sponges can trap dirt particles in them, and scratch your paint as you wash.  We recommend a microfiber wash mitt that will tuck the dirt into it’s many pockets and release them into your wash bucket at each rinse.

Big Bubbles car wash soap with wax can be used to clean all exterior portions of your vehicle.  It is safe on all material types of your car, motorcycle, motorhome, ATV.

Number of Uses

16oz (pint) Bottle = 16 washes

32oz (quart) Bottle = 32 washes

128oz (gallon) Bottle = 128 washes

How often do I use it?

Big Bubbles should be used at each wash and dish soap from the kitchen should never be used. Big Bubbles is a biodegradable, safe and environmentally friendly product.

Regular dish soap from the kitchen is NOT good for your car.  The heavy degreasers, aggressive cleaners and anti-bacterial agents can easily remove many waxes and sealants that you’ve carefully applied to protect your vehicle.  So don’t use any soaps from your house to clean your car.

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Bottle Size

16oz Bottle, 32oz Bottle, 128oz Bottle


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