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Deep Clean Strong Degreaser Spray


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Product Description

Deep Clean is a strong degreaser spray for many surfaces.

Deep clean is a specially formulated water activated degreaser spray for many surfaces.  It penetrates deep in to clean grease, oil, dirt, mineral deposits, road film and more.  Its strong concentration is primarily designed for exterior use in engine compartments and other difficult to clean areas.  Due to its cleaning power, Deep Clean is only recommended for exterior use.

The degreaser spray has a pleasant smell, so you don’t have to worry about covering your nose while you lean in to get your ride clean

Deep Clean degreaser spray is great to use on the outside of BBQ grills, oil spills, and more.  It’s great to have around just in case you spill oil on the floor of your garage if your changing your oil.  It’s also great to spray down your engine compartment to get rid of road grime and oil that could be caking up on the engine.

How do I use it?

For most oily surfaces spray some degreaser spray on a clean cloth and wipe it clean.

For difficult to clean areas on the outside of your vehicle, simply spray on some Deep Clean and let it sit for a few minutes.  With a clean cloth wipe the area clean.  Some  difficult areas may require more than one application.

To clean your engine bay spray on the Deep Clean with the engine warm, but not hot.  Lightly brush any heavily caked on grease.  Allow the degreaser spray to sit for a few minutes to work on the dirt and oil. Before the product drys spray it off the engine compartment.  To add a great shine to the black hoses, plastics and more spray on some black out while the area is still wet and just let it dry.

Number of Uses:

16oz (pint) Bottle = 32 cleanings

32oz (quart) Bottle = 64 cleanings

128oz (gallon) Bottle = 256 cleanings

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Bottle Size

16oz Bottle, 32oz Bottle, 128oz Bottle


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