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Product Description

Our most popular product is this amazing polymer paint sealant!

What’s it used for?

Smooth Shine is polymer paint sealant that provides a long lasting protective film to almost all surfaces including paint, trim, chrome, and glass with no white residue.  The best part of our revolutionary product is you just wipe it on and your paint and trim look new.  After you apply Smooth Shine, you’ll immediately notice how smooth the surface of your vehicle is… That smooth feeling is your proof that your vehicle is protected with an amazing polymer paint sealant.  We’ve also had lots of feedback from motorcycle owners that use Smooth Shine for their bikes as well.

There is NO white residue.

What can I use this polymer paint sealant on?

You can apply Smooth Shine on paint, trim, glass, clear bras, tonneau covers, aluminum, chrome, plastic, plastic trim and more.

That’s right. Go ahead and apply Smooth Shine on the black trim, window trim, headlights, rims and it will dry to a perfect shiny finish with no white residue.  Trim becomes deep and rich in color, and chrome will shine like new.

How often do I use it?

Smooth Shine should be applied every other month to maintain that smooth protected finished with amazing shine.  It’s simple enough that you might just do it every month.  You can safely apply layer after layer to build up your protection and a deep shine.

Smooth Shine’s one step application process makes it much easier than a traditional wax or conventional sealant applications.

Simply apply using one of our microfiber wrapped sponges to a clean wet vehicle to provide unbelievable shine and protection that will last for months.

Number of Uses:

16oz (pint) Bottle = Approximately 8 applications

32oz (quart) Bottle = Approximately 16 applications

128oz (gallon) Bottle = Approximately 48 applications

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Bottle Size

16oz Bottle, 32oz Bottle, 128oz Bottle


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