Synthetic Clay Wash Mitt


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The Ultimate Clay Bar Replacement

Clay bars have been around for years and if you’ve ever used on you know it’s time consuming, tedious work.  And when you think about how a clay bar works we think it has an immediate flaw.  When you slide the clay bar over the surface of the paint with some sort of lubricant like soap or a special solution it rubs off the stuff stuck to the paint.  In the instructions it’ll tell you to then fold the clay over so you aren’t rubbing the stuff pulled off the paint against the next section on the car.  In other words you are trapping all of the dirt and bits that were stuck to the paint in your clay bar.  Do you think those little bits could scrape the parts of your car you clay bar last?  We think so.

Clay bars are so yesterday.  Science and technology went on a date, got married, and had a kit that is an amazing improvement to the traditional clay bar.  This Clay Mitt is designed to be used with a bucket of soapy water.  Simply mix up some water with Big Bubbles and dunk the mitt in the water.  On your wet car simply wash your car like you normally would with the clay side down.  Light pressure and several back and forth wipes of the selected vehicle panel and you’ll feel the surface go from rough to super smooth.  A traditional clay bar treatment on a car can take hours, and we can do a full size truck in about 15 to 20 minutes.  This clay mitt is good for over 80 uses. We have detailers that have used our mitt on over 100 vehicles. Bam!  Science wins!


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