What type of car wash soap should I use to clean my car?

They type of car wash soap you use to wash you car is very important.  Most people think that soap is soap, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Regular dish soap has been formulated and reformulated for years to remove dirty, greasy food left on dishes.  Now many common dish soaps have anti-bacterial agents to help sanitize our dishes.  It’s these aggressive cleaning agents that make them unsuitable for cleaning cars.

The cleaning agents in dish soap are strong enough to pull waxes, sealant, and any other protection you put on your car.  That’s why we recommend using a car wash soap.  Most have been engineered to provide gentle cleaning that will not remove the protective products you’ve so carefully applied.  Yet, some companies have left a few aggressive cleaners in to throughly scrub the grime off your vehicle.  If your car doesn’t get very dirty then all you need is a VERY mild was soap.  Some car wash soaps also contain a wax or sealing additive that will add or help to maintain your current level of protection.