Tire Dressing – More than just looks

Many people think that tire dressing is just for show. Some people like it shiny while others prefer a simple deep black color. Regardless of how you like you tires to look it important to know tire dressing does more than just look good.

A good tire dressing also adds some petroleum products as it adds your desired appearance. What does that do? Everyday the sun heats up your tires and dries them out. You can easily see the suns effect on old tires that haven’t been protected. They begin to crack and become more brittle over time.

Daily drivers that see 15,000 plus miles a year probably have tires that wear out before it’s a concern. Cars that aren’t driven daily and are coveted can easily have the same tires for 5+ years, so make sure to keep a great tire dressing on your tires to protect them from the power of the sun.