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2009 Acura TL

In 2009 Acura redesigned their most popular product… their TL.  They infused a ton of technology including bluetooth key with push button start, and XM radio connected navigation system to start.  Their most interesting change was the removal of their tape deck.  That’s right Acura has a cassette tape deck in their TL through their […]

Clear Bra Paint Protector

A clear bra is an excellent way to protect the front end of your car from rocks and other road debris.  Once applied the clear bra isn’t noticeable from a few feet away.  Although clear bra application isn’t inexpensive, it’s almost always less expensive than repainting the front of the car. Clear bras come in just […]

Tire Dressing – More than just looks

Many people think that tire dressing is just for show. Some people like it shiny while others prefer a simple deep black color. Regardless of how you like you tires to look it important to know tire dressing does more than just look good. A good tire dressing also adds some petroleum products as it […]

Practically Cool 2008 Acura TL Type S

I’ve owned two Acura TL’s in the past 5 years and both were great cars and totally cool. With their four doors and large trunks they are also very practical. That’s why I call them practically cool. Not that they almost cool. My 2008 TL Type S had aggressive styling with futuristic color matched rims. […]

Redeisgned 2014 GMC Sierra

The all new Sierra looks amazing. I got to have an up close and personal look at it at the Denver Auto Show. The styling on the 2014 looks much more polished than the outgoing model. Its overall appearance is much more sophisticated and elegant while still looking aggressive. The interior again looks very polished […]

Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum

Big Yep. Overkill Maybe. Luxurious… Absolutely You can read all the reviews you want about the Platinum Edition Cadillac Escalade of this SUV giant but this is nothing short of posh. The exhaust note from this 403 HP is a mixture of a deep throaty growl and refinement.  Downshift using the manual shift mode doing […]

Preventing sun damage to your car.

Learn how to prevent sun damage to your car.  It seems silly, but it’s true.  If you have a choice you should try to park your car in the shade.  Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun effect our cars in similar ways to our skin.  The effects listed below can be minimized by simply parking […]